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Tommy Haas Quotes

6 Tommy Haas quotes:

"I really played solid, and I'm really happy to win this title again."
Author: Haas Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"My coach's mother died just before that match and I remember I almost didn't play, ... I wasn't really at my best and James was playing well then."
Author: Haas Quotes Category: Mother Quotes Match Quotes
"I was ranked No. 2 in the world and then I was out for 15 months between my shoulder surgery and my parents getting in a motorcycle accident in 2002,"
Author: Haas Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"It is always tough to play someone you haven't played before. Tonight was quite cool and the balls were quite heavy and it didn't seem like they were going anywhere. He let go in the second and I put it up a notch."
Author: Haas Quotes Category: Balls Quotes
"There were a lot of different emotions involved in playing someone you get on so well with off the court,"
"This is definitely a good victory, not only for my own confidence but the game, and gives me good hopes next week."
Author: Haas Quotes Category: Victory Quotes

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