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5 Dennis Mills quotes:

"We encourage people to come. We believe that loyal people to racing will understand. The environment is evolving and we believe that there will be understanding that not all phases of [the building] are completely open but that [patrons] will bear through it because that's part of the journey to do something spectacular."
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"We encourage people to come. We believe people loyal to racing will understand the environment here is evolving."
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"This is just one small candle we're lighting, but I think it's a nice thing for Canada-U.S. relations."
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"The net effect of this plan will be to enhance the viability of Maryland Thoroughbred racing for the immediate future to the benefit of all stakeholders. This is truly a situation where less will be more."
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"There was some wariness. They were telling us we had a job but not a plane. How does that work? Then we were told that they were changing the mission. It was such a weight off my shoulders."
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