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"The wonderful thing about Martha's work is that it showed such sweet empathy with her characters. Their joy was her joy, their fears were hers. At least it felt that way, which is all an artist can ask. Her art was pretty without being precious, sweet without being icky. And she was a truly nice person."
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"It's the best thing we have right now. Research shows us that children in national board certified teachers' classrooms actually have higher achievement scores."
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"I think I'll have complex feelings about [the last book], ... It's clearly the series that I will be best known for. But it won't be, it's not the end of my career. It's not the last thing J.K. Rowling will write either, and my relationship with her will continue."
"We're quite excited about all of these terrific young people, ... It also positions us very competitively for continued growth and as one of the country's powerhouses in biomedical research."
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"I think that there is a lot of metaphorical truth in the books, and I think that particularly when she talks about things like the protection of love, ... I think the reading experience is more rich and complex than just a bunch of fun, funky magical effects."
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