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Jim McLaughlin Quotes

8 Jim McLaughlin quotes:

"What impressed me most was the way she went about it and the consistency in her approach day-to-day. I'm proud of her in every way, shape and form, but I was proud of her before she won this award. ... She has set the standard pretty high for herself for her senior year, but knowing Courtney, she'll be even better next year."
"Nebraska is a storied program. When [former Nebraska coach] Terry Pettit put in his program, I copied and learned. He not only built the university but the entire state and region. I wanted to do the same thing in the Northwest. It's hard to reflect on it now, but it's just a great win."
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"[Hayes and Burton] worked their tails off last year, and they didn't smell the floor. They made a commitment this summer to get stronger and tougher, and it's nice to see them playing well."
"You get to this point at Proviso, you've got to play with some emotion, some desire, some passion. We kind of came out a little sluggish, a little gun-shy."
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"I think there was a lot of optimism (in February) that peace was at hand, and people could get on with their lives, but I think this optimism has been shattered now in the last few days because of the actions of the RUF and the inactions of the United Nations peacekeeping forces."
"Kevin is a great shooter. It's the biggest part of his journey to be a complete player."
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"Their style of play (at Nevada) fits what he does. He has a high basketball I.Q. He's a top-tier student. He's a super smart kid."
"St. Joe's played extremely well, and everything was going their way. The loose balls bounced their way. The shots they missed bounced their way and then fell back in. And we couldn't buy a basket no matter what we did."
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