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12 Kevin Wilson quotes:

"For the first time it establishes a common environment standard across the basin and puts in place a virtual prohibition against diversions from the Great Lakes. It puts in place a requirement to build conservation programs that would be implemented at the state and provincial level."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We've got to look at our mind-set, our demeanor and how we approach it. They are very capable players that have played numbers of games for years and have played well here. We have a problem with the performance, but not a problem with what guys can do."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"They're getting together to share some information."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"the worst performance I've ever seen from a group."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Money's not everything - the volunteering professionals to get this thing done is worth more than anything ... that's worth a million dollars,"
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"I think it's a great opportunity for this part of the state and specifically for our area. Congressman Blunt has always paid a lot of attention to us in this corner of the district and I think it's fantastic we have the No. 2 man in Congress representing us."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"They figured that's what it was and that was the new drug of choice for the kids."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"We want excellence in every area. We don't want excuses."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Excellence Quotes
"There's no freshman or JV team like you have in high school, ... So after awhile, if you're not having success, it becomes frustrating. It's a lot of work, and some guys just feel like they aren't being rewarded for it."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: School Quotes
"It's harder managing than playing, ... As a player you only had to worry about yourself. As a manager you have to worry about everyone."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"Just the fact that we've been able to have the community serve together in a way like never before. What can you say, what can you do but say thank you to the community, a huge thank-you to the community?"
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"Kids that were on the stuff when we started are working in jobs now."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes

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