Jarvis Herring Quotes

12 Jarvis Herring quotes:

"The smallest teams didn't fear us the last three years. FAMU even said something about beating us one time, so you know it's bad. We were a laughingstock."
Author: Herring Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"It hurt us earlier in the season. Later this season guys started getting rid of the (selfish) attitude and started fighting for each other."
Author: Herring Quotes Category: Attitude Quotes
"When he got hurt, I was devastated. I played in a daze for awhile. But when he came out of the tunnel on crutches and started cheering for us, it snapped me out of it. That's how much he means."
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"You knew it hurt him, but you could never tell a difference. Vernell is not a guy who really gets down. He's a fighter."
Author: Herring Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"That really hurt us. We knew we were going to get a lot of pressure (on the quarterback) from Ray. Everyone knew how quick his jump off the ball was. When he went down it was like, boy, now we've got to find somebody else to get that pressure. Ray was one of the best. That was a big loss."
Author: Herring Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"We're just like the media. We gossip about things, and we always wondered what kind of receiver or tight end he would be. He's been great."
Author: Herring Quotes Category: Gossip Quotes
"It cost us a couple games early, but then guys started fighting for each other. We could have had a lot better season."
"We've always been known as a soft program, a finesse program -- all about speed, whatever. We're just trying to go out and show everybody this isn't the Gators that you're used to looking at. We're trying to show them that we're really tough and that we're really going to go out and play."
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"A lot of guys are in this week way before curfew. Everybody is getting their rest. They are hydrated. They are ready to go."
Author: Herring Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"We take pride in going out and working hard at practice. We enjoy being around each other, so it'll be a whole different environment. It'll be a whole different game."
Author: Herring Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"The guys take more pride in this game, take pride in going out and working hard at practice and enjoying being around each other. It will be a whole different environment, a whole different game this year."
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"Parents play a big role and they don't want their child to come into an unstable situation and unstable program."
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