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Ken Tower Quotes

9 Ken Tower quotes:

"What would make me more optimistic is if there was evidence that money on the sidelines is being put to work. But I'm not convinced."
Author: Tower Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"Financials led the sector rally yesterday. Tech has been getting a lot of bullish press recently, but its relative performance continues to suffer. It's premature to put this into the leading sector category."
Author: Tower Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Yesterday was a disaster for the bulls. We're right back to the lows we've seen lately, and until we fall through those, it's bad but not devastating."
Author: Tower Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"Yesterday's high now become key resistance. Because the longer term trends all remain up, there are lots of support zones below current prices. The big Nasdaq stocks have been the weak link in the rally, as demonstrated again yesterday by being the only major average to fall."
Author: Tower Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"Technology stocks are extremely oversold,"
Author: Tower Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"If (Microsoft) can stay above 80, then the whole broad sector of technology stocks may have bottomed out this week and had a re-test low and be ready to turn higher."
Author: Tower Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"At this point, any rally is a good rally. You need to see more strength in the Nasdaq to confirm that there really was a significant bottom, but there are an awful lot of stocks doing very well."
Author: Tower Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"The Fed is going to have a hard time stopping their (rate) increases if the economy seems to be gaining strength."
"The Fed is going to have a hard time stopping their increases if the economy seems to be gaining strength. I think the Fed will have a very hard time talking down the inflation hawks if the data comes in stronger than expected."

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