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10 Candice Wiggins quotes:

"I've never experienced back-to-back losses in college. It's difficult to handle a loss in general and this is harder."
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"We had the game and we felt we had control. I guess with every loss some good comes out of it but we can't walk away feeling good about the way we played."
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"It's all about confidence. Shooting is a funny thing. It's all mental. Once I was patient and starting to play within the flow of the game, my shooting improved. Last year, with Kelley and Susan being such great shooters, whenever I shot, I felt rushed. I didn't think of myself as an option to shoot."
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"Getting jumped on, it hits you pretty hard. We wanted to come out strong and get into their heads."
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"Losing is painful. But when we lose, the next game we come out tougher."
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"The tradition with the tree ... to me, it's funny."
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"A lot of players in our class can do things that others can't do."
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"At the beginning of the year, having me at the '1' was better for our team, and now our team is better with me at the '2'. It takes awhile to get adjusted to college basketball and we all knew that if Ros could get secure, I wouldn't be (at point guard) all year."
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"There are always runs and spurts, and once we got it going we got a lot of confidence. I like it when a team plays tight because it gives me an opportunity to get by quicker. You have to take advantage of a team that climbs all over you."
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"We played hard, but we didn't do the little things. I think we all know we can do better, and bring more and we need to work on that. The Pac-10 is important, but the NCAA tournament is our goal, our future and we are working toward that."
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