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11 Ann Strother quotes:

"It's execution on our part. The fact we scored 12 points in the second half pretty much sums it up. We need to get back to working on executing and taking care of every little detail."
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"Monday's game means nothing if we hadn't won tonight. There were a lot of emotions coming out of the ceremony, but when it was time to play, everyone was ready to go."
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"It's hard, because you're just coming off the season and having to move on. There's so many different emotions. I'm just going to do the most I can and do all the things I'm capable of, and at the same time have some fun with it."
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"It?s hard to explain the situation and how you?re feeling because there?s so many different emotions and you have no control over it. So you feel useless really, like there?s nothing you can do, but it?s exciting."
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"I think he?s always acted like a Hall of Fame coach."
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"It's definitely different having to go somewhere for the first time, not being at home for the first two games. But that's kind of exciting, too. No matter where you play, no matter who you're playing against, it's tournament time and that's always fun."
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"That's just something we've been focused on doing, coming out, giving it our all. Just knowing that it's the end of four years, we want to make the most of every situation."
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"The meeting was significant. We were at a point in the season where we wanted the responsibility and needed to let coach know that, good or bad, we're making it our responsibility."
"She's more experienced. If you look back at some of the mistakes that she made earlier in the season, she's not making those kind of mistakes any more. Having played in the North Carolina game, having played in the Rutgers game, against a team like Georgia she's going to face some quick guards again and she's going to be ready this time I think."
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"That's something that Coach was harping on (during the break) at practice. We didn't have a game for like 11 days, but those days at practice, that's all we were doing, just running and pushing the ball in transition and trying to get more points off transition."
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"Oh, I'm planning on it. I'm playing. I mean, I just figure I would. I really don't think it's that big a deal. I don't feel it when I'm walking. Some days are better than others."
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