Todd Dunivant Quotes

4 Todd Dunivant quotes:

"We've got to develop that killer instinct and be a little sharper in the final third. If you look at our goals against, it's pretty good to be honest. We haven't been giving up a lot of goals. When we lose that 1-0 game or 2-1 it puts a lot of pressure on us. Hopefully that turns around. There's no excuses tonight."
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"Sampson hasn't announced the starting lineup. I'll take a fitness test before the game (to see if I'm ready). I'm optimistic."
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"He's hot. Leave him be, let him do his thing. He's on fire right now. Whatever he touches turns to gold."
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"The Galaxy showed an incredible commitment to me when they traded for me last year. By signing this long-term contract, I hope to repay their commitment to me for future seasons."

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