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Jim Edmonds Quotes

7 Jim Edmonds quotes:

"I hit some balls in batting practice that I thought would be homers and they weren't. Then I hit a couple balls I didn't think were and they ended up in the seats."
Author: Edmonds Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"It's hard to tell. I hit some balls in batting practice I thought were going to be homers, and they weren't. And a couple I didn't think would be, and they went into the seats."
Author: Edmonds Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"Our fans are the biggest key for us, that's where we get our energy from. Really the ballpark is just secondary right now for us, it's the fans that make a difference."
Author: Edmonds Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"The legislative consultants for the port authority bring diverse background experience and expertise to their roles, ... Our consultants provide information and tools needed for sound decision-making by our very capable Harris County delegations of elected officials. Their support is crucial to the port authority's progress, prosperity, and accountability to taxpayers and other stakeholders."
Author: Edmonds Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"I really wasn't worried about Scotty because he was never really complaining about his shoulder. As long as he's not hurt and not complaining about his shoulder, he's going to be fine."
"Show up, get your feet wet, set a good example; there's lots of reasons to."
Author: Edmonds Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"I couldn't walk yesterday. I got out of bed and I had to limp to get out of bed. I don't know if I stepped on a rock or something and aggravated it more and more."
Author: Edmonds Quotes Category: Bed Quotes

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