Jim Geringer Quotes

4 Jim Geringer quotes:

"The unintended consequence to disaster is more vulnerability, created by a culture of expectation that government will always be there to make us whole."
Author: Geringer Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"For much of the Rocky Mountain region, I believe people feel not only left out but disenfranchised. The general attitude with the current administration is that the West is of little consequence. We are treated like a Third World country."
Author: Geringer Quotes Category: Attitude Quotes
"We have limits to what we can do. At some point there has to be an informed personal choice."
Author: Geringer Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"We in the rest of the Western states say okay, if we're going to conserve and if we're going to provide excess power and then we find you in California could have done more, there is going to be resentment."
Author: Geringer Quotes Category: Rest Quotes

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