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"We appreciate the patience and understanding that so many of our Firestone customers have shown during this major undertaking, ... We're doing everything in our power to replace all recalled tires as quickly as possible."
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"The real issue here is the safety of the Explorer, ... Ford refused to look at issues surrounding the Explorer in August. Ford failed to do that today."
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"It's not unusual for tires to experience some cosmetic cracking, and that is what we initially saw in this situation, ... As it became apparent that this was a unique circumstance, we decided a recall was the best course of action. With the design specification change, we believe we have taken the necessary steps to make sure this issue has been resolved."
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"We look forward to presenting our information to the committee and showing them our tires are safe."
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"Since the early 90s, we have been a decentralized company, focusing on 21 separate businesses, ... While this structure was innovative and successful for our company then, it is time to dismantle the castle walls and empty the moats."
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"Our analysis suggests that there are significant safety issues with a substantial segment of Ford Explorers,"
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"We are in a situation where sales of replacement tires have declined for several reasons, ... Obviously concerns surrounding the recall of certain Firestone tires is a contributor to this decline."
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