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40 Edith Wharton quotes:

"I despair of the Republic! Such dreariness, such whining sallow women, such utter absence of the amenities, such crass food, crass manners, crass landscape!! What a horror it is for a whole nation to be developing without the sense of beauty, and eating bananas for breakfast."
"A New York divorce is in itself a diploma of virtue."
"After all, one knows one's weak points so well, that it's rather bewildering to have the critics overlook them and invent others."
"True originality consists not in a new manner but in a new vision."
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"If we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time."
"The only way not to think about money is to have a great deal of it."
"The air of ideas is the only air worth breathing."
"Life is the only real counselor; wisdom unfiltered through personal experience does not become a part of the moral tissue."
"Habit is necessary; it is the habit of having habits, of turning a trail into a rut, that must be incessantly fought against if one is to remain alive."
"The worst of doing one's duty was that it apparently unfitted one for doing anything else."
"I had the story, bit by bit, from various people, and, as generally happens in such cases, each time it was a different story."
"In any really good subject, one has only to probe deep enough to come to tears."
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"Silence may be as variously shaded as speech."
"Another unsettling element in modern art is that common symptom of immaturity, the dread of doing what has been done before."
"Life is always a tightrope or a feather bed. Give me the tightrope."
"To be able to look life in the face: that's worth living in a garret for, isn't it?"
"When people ask for time, it's always for time to say no. Yes has one more letter in it, but it doesn't take half as long to say."
"Beware of monotony; it's the mother of all the deadly sins."
"Misfortune had made Lily supple instead of hardening her, and a pliable substance is less easy to break than a stiff one."
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"The American landscape has no foreground and the American mind no background."

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