John Antil Quotes

4 John Antil quotes:

"He didn't deny anything. He said, ' I'm sorry. ' When you weather a crisis well, it can actually help you. Right now is if I had a contract with him, I'd be thinking about using him more."
Author: Antil Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Audiences for Super Bowls have become as interested in the 30 minutes of ads as they are in the NFL championship game."
Author: Antil Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes
"There are only so many people who will watch, or take up the game. Even if he won 10 Masters, you're not going to see a 30 percent increase."
Author: Antil Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"He's almost at the top, but not quite. There's room for some growth. He's already had such a tremendous impact, but I think he's come close to maxing out the benefit for golf."

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