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"How can you expect audiences to accept everything new? People threw eggs at Stravinsky. Bruckner was so depressed after the debut of one of his works that Mahler had to come and comfort him. New music has always been difficult for audiences to accept."
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"There are very few top conductors in this world. You need incredible authority, experience, charisma. And formal training is the first step. It's not like you can just get on the podium and be a conductor."
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"God has used our ministry and the local Chinese churches there to do great work. Now we are looking to do the follow up well, which will be focused on the Word. The most important thing is to continue to listen to the word of God."
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"We have hundreds of pieces of new music being composed every year. How many will last? This has always been true. How many of Brahms' pieces lasted? And what of Brahms' contemporaries, the ones whose work hasn't survived? It is unfair to compare today's music to what has endured, which is only the greatest music. The point is to listen, to keep listening."
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