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Terry Gilliam Quotes

7 Terry Gilliam quotes:

"It was a hard shoot,"
Author: Gilliam Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"I hate being dragged into genres. I like movies that are full of a lot of conflicting and interesting things,"
Author: Gilliam Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"Harry [Shearer], Joel Siegel, and I used to be a little group for awhile, trying to do children's television, because it was the one area that nobody was paying attention to in those days..."
Author: Gilliam Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"I just like the fact I can make a film which might give comfort to some people who think they are the only crazy person in the world and suddenly they see there are two crazy people in the world."
Author: Gilliam Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"It wasn't like sitting down and saying, 'Let's see if we can design a film that will capture the book, but maybe work for a mass audience,' ... There was none of that. It was 'Can we translate this book into a film?'"
Author: Gilliam Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"We did a lot of work because the original script, ... The premise was really interesting but the script needed magic. It needed real fairytale, it needed a real sense of the wonder of that world, and working with Lance and people was, we worked our way towards this thing. It was quite organic really, we built this film."
Author: Gilliam Quotes Category: Magic Quotes
"People in Hollywood are not showmen, they're maintenance men, pandering to what they think their audiences want."
Author: Gilliam Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes

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