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7 Randy Bennett quotes:

"He just needs somebody that understands these kinds of dogs."
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"[Newspapers] are starting to pick up audiences that may not have been totally engaged in the first place, that's particularly relevant in the younger demographic that may not have been picking up the print paper."
Author: Bennett Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes
"As media proliferates, people have a variety of media choices, and competition for traditional media is pretty intense. Newspapers are seeing a slow, gradual decline in their readership. The question is, can a free newspaper without much of a brand enter the market? I think there are a lot of challenges for that sort of business model going forward."
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"He's in a struggle, so we're in a struggle."
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"They weren't bad talent-wise, they just didn't have the habits you have to have to win, ... It's a mental thing. I had to get them to look at the glass as half full."
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"Unbelievable. They had high self-esteem. That's what prevailed for us."
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"That was an unbelievable performance."

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