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6 Stacey Koerner quotes:

"Every year, the networks lose a little more audience, and cable gains in the summertime."
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"One of the big headlines is that network TV is strong. Overall, television usage among total viewers is up about 4 percent ... and the growth in cable is not coming at the expense of the broadcast networks."
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"You still are getting a very large audience. It's not as if it's not an event simply because ratings aren't as high as they used to be."
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"People have relationships with these programs. They are like their close friends or relatives."
"They've lost some of their core properties and now they have to struggle the way everyone has to struggle when they lose their core properties,"
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"Every year they come back with less of an audience, ... so the more they can do to sustain themselves (in summer), the better."
Author: Koerner Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes

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