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"For me to have an opportunity to work with someone like that, it's a fantastic learning experience."
"There are two things that Jack Bauer never does. Show mercy, and go to the bathroom."
"The writers keep managing to turn the show in on itself, coming up with something that's well thought-out and miraculous."
"There are three things we need to do for a band. We need to make a great record; we need to get the record played; and we need to find an audience for the live shows."
"I couldn't see my father's films because they were restricted and we didn't have videos or DVDs back then."
"I did a play called Throne of Straw when I was 11, at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. It became really clear to me at that point that I enjoyed acting more than any other experience I was having."
"I didn't realize that television has gone through immense changes and has become very progressive."
"My parents not only did it for a living, but they were really good at it."
"There's a confidence that comes from youth and not knowing better. But there comes a point, as an actor, when you do know better, and that is when the fear starts."
"When I saw Virginia Woolf, somewhere between the first and second acts, someone I had known as my mother became somebody else."
"When I wasn't the flavor of the week or month or day, those were hard times."
"When we shoot 24, there are so many things I have to worry about, from the script to technical things to my performance, that I don't have a second to be bored or take anything for granted. We produce 24 hours of film a season, which is like making 12 movies."
"Youth is an amazing thing: I think back on when we did The Lost Boys, and I didn't think I could do anything wrong."
"First, there was darkness, then came the Strangers,"
"That'll be up to an audience when they start to feel that someone else should come in and do it. Personally, I'm hoping that's a long way off."
"I think the show is working. I think the character is growing on many levels. I think one thing that we're all discovering is that every season has impacted another, and the character has grown, and the character is allowed to carry with him what he has suffered the year before."
"The graphics are the really freaky thing. I have two stepsons who are really good at the games, and they saw the likenesses. They had a gleam in their eyes, and I could see that the reason they liked it was because they could play to a point and then just stop, and I would get wasted. I think there's a certain amount of joy in, like, 'Let's watch him get shot again! Do it again!' You can make him really get riddled."
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"It's been an honor working with you, Mr. President."
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"I turned to the only guy I could trust, Tony."
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"Carlos [ Bernard , Tony] is your guy. He had two police officers arrest Mia Kirshner [then playing Mandy] for allegedly smoking marijuana outside her dressing room. And as they went to take her away, Carlos got into a fight with the officers about [how they really should be] protecting the city."
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