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"For dealers, it comes down to an issue of economics."
"An elections official who is directly accountable to the people will make the changes desired by the people and the public."
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"We have a very committed, loyal audience that wants to be both entertained and challenged. They want to see the big-name jazz stars, but they also want to see what's new and different out there. They have this 'show me' attitude. They want guidance to new and creative things."
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"The history of jazz for the last 45 years has come through the Monterey Jazz Festival stages. I think there's developed a legacy and an aura around the festival."
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"When you buy [gold], it can be from a number of different sources that are combined and have been sitting in a central bank for a year."
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"Just considering where this program was a few years ago, they've made so much progress in so little time."
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"Now the overhead for running dealerships has grown so much, it costs a lot more to operate all those franchises. If you're lucky, you're making a 1.5 percent to 3 percent profit."
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