Dave Peterson Quotes

4 Dave Peterson quotes:

"I like what the Legislature did this year. They made a positive statement about education in the state."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"They should tangle for a great race. One could be a state champion."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Champion Quotes
"We don't look like anything most of the people in our audience have ever seen. We wear vintage clothes-and hats-and we use one microphone for all our vocals, so there's a lot of movement on stage. We'll have every kind of harmony; every instrument will be featured; and we'll do everything from breakdowns to waltzes to gospel quartets. I guarantee this: from the moment we hit the stage until the moment we leave, the audience is going to be entertained."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes
"I'm happy with our numbers."
Author: Peterson Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes

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