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Rupert Holmes Quotes

6 Rupert Holmes quotes:

"The truth is, I initially became a singer-songwriter while still in my teens because it was the only way to guarantee that somebody on earth would sing the songs I was writing. Since then, I've performed just about everywhere: rock clubs, concerts halls, arenas, TV."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Truth Quotes English Composer Quotes
"Where the Truth Lies"
"I was a purported composer with some self-taught notions about how to orchestrate for cinematic instrumentation, but no one was exactly knocking at my door. If you'd seen the apartment I was subletting at the time, you wouldn't have knocked at my door either."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"I've applied to the humor commission for a license to have humor in the book. I haven't been given permission so far. I'm awaiting their verdict."
Author: Holmes Quotes Category: Humorous Quotes English Composer Quotes
"To my knowledge, there's never been a duo of a brash American and a polite Brit and it's kind of an interesting dynamic for a comedy team, ... I think Colin and Kevin could always fall back on that if they have to."
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"Kevin was very nice at the Q&A after the movie. He told the audience to go and get the book,"
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