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"He fights with his heart and emotion. People say you should change him and settle him down. But this is what makes him exciting and you can't take it away from him."
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"When we did make it public that we were not letting anyone watch any longer, the Filipino fans stopped coming. They respected the decision and knew it was for Manny's benefit. They helped us out and we respect that."
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"Manny's Filipino audience loves to watch him, but I wanted it to be more private so we could better work on going to the body and the other things we need to work on. Velazquez is somebody we definitely can't take lightly. Everybody's talking about Morales and the rematch, but there won't be a rematch without winning this fight. We've been working on a little bit of everything to make Manny more of a complete fighter."
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"One of (Juan's) friends told me that he thought he made a mistake and wanted to come back. I told him all he had to do was pick up the phone and ask me, and that's all it took. I don't hold grudges at all. It's a good working relationship, which is what you need to have success."
"We are going to start training camp in the Philippines for two weeks then we will go back to the States for another six weeks."
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