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Bill Evans Quotes

8 Bill Evans quotes:

"Australia's two-speed economy remains intact with consumer spending subdued and housing in a downswing. By contrast, business investment is surging."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"A recovery of growth to around trend in the first half of 2006 will not threaten interest rates in either direction."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"With debt servicing ratios at record highs, house prices likely to remain soft and petrol prices stressing some household budgets a sharp resurgence in consumer spending seems unlikely,"
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"The index is now giving us considerable comfort that economic growth by late 2005 and into 2006 can pick up to long-term trend or even a little better."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"Our patience wasn't good enough. We didn't guard them in the post and they got easy baskets, but we've really got to take care of the basketball and good shots every time down the floor."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"It was sloppy and we held onto it a little better than they did. There was some hard hitting on both sides, and that ball is going to come loose. We were in the right place at the right time."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"Do you remember the Platonic dialog in which Socrates argues the definition of wisdom with Hippocrates? As far as I'm concerned, Hippocrates was the first hippy, a guy who was smug because he thought he knew something. Socrates was wise because he realized how little he knew."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Wisdom Quotes
"We have some youth and inexperience on the offensive line and they were standing up a lot. Casey was teeing off on us in the second half,"
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Youth Quotes

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