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Bruce Henderson Quotes

6 Bruce Henderson quotes:

"Concentrate your strengths against your competitor's relative weaknesses."
Author: Henderson Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"The objective is to enlarge the scope of your advantage which can only happen at someone else's expense."
"Any corporate policy and plan which is typical of the industry is doomed to mediocrity. Where this is not so, it should be possible to demonstrate that all other competitors are at a distinct disadvantage."
Author: Henderson Quotes Category: American Businessman Quotes Mediocrity Quotes
"I don't see any problems, other than for issues of pride. ... I may be overlooking something, but it sounds like, win, win, win."
Author: Henderson Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"Your most dangerous competitors are those that are most like you."
"His was a firmly knit, muscular frame that suggested power in the broad shoulders and beyond — an inward strength,"
Author: Henderson Quotes Category: Power Quotes

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