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Mary Hansen Quotes

9 Mary Hansen quotes:

"I came back to a couple of homecoming events, like when I went into the Wall of Fame. And I have been in La Crosse for a couple of physical therapy conferences. Every time, I sneak into Mitchell Hall and look at the (championship) banner. It brings back great memories."
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"I don't think of things globally myself, but I kind of would like to think of things where they are tangible and here. Then I can grasp that concept."
"I feel like this is a bit strange being in here, though. I am a happy person, generally. I like a laugh. Don't I seem to be a happy person?"
"When I go to a film, you're taking it easy and you let things wash over you. That's what cinema's all about. You get involved in a world that's being created in front of you."
"It's just a nightmare. And speed bumps, they did install them and everything and they don't work."
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"I learned so much and was so prepared under Karen. And the kids respected the program and what we wanted to accomplish that when I stepped into the head coaching position, the age difference wasn't a problem."
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"We always stressed not looking past the next game, but knowing we hosted it (the final four) ... it was hard not to think about."
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"I would go and see loads of films all in one go and they'd start to merge together. It was a bit sad, really. I'd have to see it again."
"That's what it's about, how society changes people but people can also change society. It only takes a few people to do things and help themselves instead of sitting around on their asses. She has a very global outlook on life and all sorts of things."

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