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Rae Tyson Quotes

9 Rae Tyson quotes:

"We have a total of 428 complaints, but no crashes or injuries,"
"We are seeing lot of new lighting innovations; some of them are allowed and some not. My understanding is [Mercedes] made a good case of allowing these brake lights to be used on a trial basis. Presumably they argued that flashing lights are just as visible, or perhaps more visible than regular lights. Whether they really are better remains to be seen, but we have faith in Mercedes engineering."
"It just doesn't make sense to us to address one safety problem and along the way create a new one."
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"They certainly suggest an agency that is very, very committed to improving highway safety."
Author: Tyson Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"We set a standard that provides tremendous benefits without compromising safety or causing severe economic damage to the auto manufacturers."
Author: Tyson Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"We have a total of 428 complaints, but no crashes or injuries."
"We felt there was sufficient cause to opening an investigation [after getting complaints from] private individuals,"
"Congress has given us the authority to set safety standards. We're merely restating our authority. We're the agency that sets standards. Our standards are not minimum standards."
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"The beauty of the current approach to school bus safety ... is that it doesn't require kids to do anything but be in their seats. If you introduce seat belts, there has to be someone making sure the kids are buckled in."
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