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17 Nicol Andrews quotes:

"from 30 years' experience that these hurricanes are still largely unpredictable and can turn at a moment's notice."
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"It would be a false sense of security to rely on FEMA to rebuild a life the way it was before a disaster."
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"The research that we've conducted shows that we don't expect large throngs of folks to suddenly find themselves in a desperate situation."
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"The federal government can't play favorites to certain businesses one over another,"
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"Since an effort like this has not been undertaken in the modern history of this country, I think we are about to learn how it will truly move forward. Historically, local decision makers have been the lead, and the federal government picks up the tab where the law allows."
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"We're required by law to send the letters. We're required by law to receive 25 percent of this cost share, and obviously, we're going to be working closely with the state of Louisiana because of the circumstances."
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"I think anyone whose life has been turned upside down by a disaster has been traumatized. We want to help as many people as we can and that's what we're trying to do."
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"The states have obviously welcomed with open arms these evacuees and the president is giving them a way to pay for it."
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"There was a technical error, so the information will be provided."
"We were under the assumption that in Louisiana, they would need substantial housing support and would be willing to receive manufactured housing. It's not a big mistake. We've been trying to give these away for six months."
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"It's unfortunate that threats of violence would be made against anyone, as we all work together to recover from this disaster. The first priority is to protect and ensure the safety of FEMA workers. There are a lot of employees working hard . . . to help folks return to their homes and ensure they are receiving the assistance they are eligible for under the law."
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"We continue to be attuned to any extenuating circumstances that still exist and we want to help."
"We look forward to working with all of our partners in states across the country as we continue to help families in hotels and motels find longer-term housing solutions."
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"Marty has a huge heart, he is hardworking, a lover of FEMA, a lover of the mission of the agency."
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"Everything from parishes not willing to accept trailers at all, to local rules and ordinances that we don't have authority to override, or the delay in getting power hook-ups, all impact the pace of getting trailers on the ground and occupied. The supply of trailers is not the issue; we have plenty of trailers."
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"skirted around the law."
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"The information that people provide us when they are in the midst of, or recovering from, a life-altering event includes Social Security number, income levels, very personal information. We take our charge to protect that information very seriously."

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