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Dennis Hastert Quotes

27 Dennis Hastert quotes:

"I agree with you that should work together in a bipartisan fashion, and I believe this work product is a result of a hard-fought compromise."
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Compromise Quotes
"You can see there's still a lot of decisions to be made."
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Decisions Quotes
"When the electricity goes out and everything else goes out -- you don't have the pumps to pump it out either. Because it doesn't work either."
"It is something that will help the economy."
"I think Tom Reynolds may have been talking about what his feelings are, ... Social Security is something very important. It's something we've talked about doing, and when we decide to move forward we'll let the press know."
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Feelings Quotes
"I am proud of our president, our troops, and our allies, ... Yes, we are fighting to preserve our national security. But we are also fighting to preserve the universal ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
"Given the abysmal failure of state and local officials in Louisiana to plan adequately for or respond to the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the city of New Orleans, and given the long history of public corruption in Louisiana, ... I am not confident that Louisiana officials can be trusted to administer federal relief aid."
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"To have good energy policy we have to have good investments,"
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Energy Quotes Investments Quotes
"Cagey trial lawyers have figured out there's a pretty good likelihood their case - no matter what its merit - will literally get its day in court because of favorable judges."
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Legal Quotes
"It is important that when we rebuild this historic city that we consider the safety of the citizens first."
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"Today's ruling by a federal judge who sits in the 9th Circuit is yet another assault on American principles. The Founding Fathers believed that our Creator gave us certain inalienable rights,"
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"The vote we cast today will help ensure our continued prosperity,"
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Voting Quotes Prosperity Quotes
"The American people want us to go to work. They want us to produce good policy, ... The ability for us to save Social Security and Medicare in the future, the ability to give American workers and working families more of their money so that they can keep it in their pocket instead of giving it to the tax collectors."
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"Congress will not use Social Security as a pot of gold to fund foreign aid,"
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"This Congress is serious about doing everything we can to help local, state and federal officials respond to this crisis,"
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"It's a good blueprint for America's future, ... We're also pleased this Congress can get its work done."
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"provides for common sense tax relief in the future. We have the largest surplus in history, which means the taxpayers are being overcharged."
"We need to let our people speak. We need to debate those issues and then we let the best ideas win, ... Right now, we believe the American people stand behind us. They want to see us preserve Social Security, they want us to keep the budget balanced and we're going to do our level best to do it."
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"We're there, ... We can debate the reasons why we're there. ... But we are there."
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"Some have said that we should not have this debate. I disagree,"
Author: Hastert Quotes Category: Debate Quotes

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