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"I decided I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 11 years of age."
"We've got to be judged by how we do in times of crisis."
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"Nobody has had the courage to say this is wrong. You are empowered to say this is wrong ... Stop this cover-up! Stop this cover-up!"
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"Nobody has had the courage to say this is wrong,"
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"has bruises all over his body."
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"Judge, the tapes are sickening, and you know...I don't know so much about conflict, but there is certain parts about Lt. York that I tell you what the real problem may be, even more than this, and this is a very delicate issue and I don't want to talk about this out here. It is going to have to do with credibility, because, you know, her declaration... this guy, unless he is absolutely lying... and Marcia will back me up on this, the contacts he has with Lt. York are the kind that are very hard to forget him."
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"These were tragic deaths. I think that people don't understand that we, on the defense, felt that very strongly also."
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"When I first started practicing law in the 1960s, no person had ever won a case against the City of Los Angeles for violation of their civil rights. There came a time when I felt morally I just could not try these cases anymore. I then left the office and my time in private practice has been interesting to say the least."
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