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50 Janet Reno quotes:

"[At a Justice Department news conference Browner called the government action] unprecedented ... one of the most significant enforcement actions in our history."
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"Anybody who looks at this case and doesn't know the circumstances of it is going to say 'why?', and I think that's what the president kind of naturally asked,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"They have computers, and they may have other weapons of mass destruction."
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"We want to fashion recommendations and best practices that local, state and federal agencies can follow,"
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"Although the investigations are still under way, these shootings appear to have been motivated by hate, ... Hate crimes represent an attack not just on individual victims, but also on the victims' communities. They tear at the very fabric of a people's life."
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"These shootings appear to have been motivated by hate,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"We're going to pursue every last murderer until justice has been done,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"If there is not probable cause that a citizen is knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence gathering activities for, or on behalf of, a foreign power which may involve a violation of federal law, then (the Justice Department) will not recommend that the application be presented to the Court,"
"I think it's that he is one of the smartest men I've ever met. [He] has the capacity to talk to a person as if they are the most important person around and as if he understands their hopes and fears and dreams."
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"We are dedicated in this instance to finding the truth, and we are not going to stop until we do"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"Brokers may have gotten away with these crimes with little punishment before. Those days are over. If you prey on unsuspecting Americans, you're going to answer for your crimes,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Punishment Quotes
"Today, we reached agreements that will boost our ability to combat international high-tech and computer-related crime and help us better assist each other in a broad range of law-enforcement matters,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"We know that guns do not cause violent behavior, ... but ... since we have made it harder for criminals and other prohibited persons to get guns violent crime has gone down."
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"I don't think you endorse something by purchasing it if it's the only game in town ... in terms of an effective machine, and the lowest price available,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Cheating Quotes
"Microsoft is unlawfully taking advantage of its Windows monopoly to protect and extend that monopoly,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"Let all those who flout the nation's immigration laws be warned we plan to take swift and decisive action against you, ... defend the integrity of this nation's immigration laws."
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"It does not disagree with my determination, it does not say that the boy cannot be reunited with his father in this country, and in fact the court said we need not decide where or in whose custody the plaintiff should remain while this appeal is pending."
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"There is a little 6-year-old boy who survived one of the most traumatic events that any child could experience -- to lose his mother there in the Gulf Stream, to float for as long as he did, and live to come ashore under the circumstances that he did. We've just got to think about that little boy,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"This fully supports the [Justice] Department's view that this case is about protecting consumers,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"Based on all the information we have to date, I see no basis for reversing,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Information Quotes

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