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50 Janet Reno quotes:

"But we can't rest now, we cannot become complacent,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Tensions between police and minority residents affect all aspects of the criminal justice system,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"This fully supports the [Justice] Department's view that this case is about protecting consumers,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"should be completely independent and have no current ties to the Justice Department."
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"We're going to pursue every last murderer until justice has been done,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"I think it's that he is one of the smartest men I've ever met. [He] has the capacity to talk to a person as if they are the most important person around and as if he understands their hopes and fears and dreams."
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"At that time, the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) will formally transfer parole and care to the father,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"I think it is important that we adhere to principles of federalism, recognize that it is primarily a state issue, and, again, do everything we can to play an appropriate role that doesn't politicize the matter but contributes in a thoughtful way to the resolution of it,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Principles Quotes
"It is important that we identify who is responsible for them having guns, what the parents knew or should have known, and take appropriate steps, ... Meet the Press."
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"I don't think you endorse something by purchasing it if it's the only game in town ... in terms of an effective machine, and the lowest price available,"
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Cheating Quotes

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