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Scott Brown Quotes

10 Scott Brown quotes:

"I started looking into the cost of the equipment because it is a really good fitness program, especially when I only have a PE budget of a couple hundred bucks."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Fitness Quotes
"It doesn't take much. One spouse loses a job or is unemployed for even a little while."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"There are some encouraging signs in retail sales, but if you look at what the source of consumer spending is, it's really income growth, and wage growth has been lackluster, suggesting the consumer will not be robust going forward."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"A lot of boys that had never been on a swim team before that gave it a shot. I was very happy, they all, except for a couple stuck with it all year."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"We did real well. Having three girls in five events and we got 10th, I'll take that."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"It's going to be relatively soft labor market over the course of the year."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"We definitely plan on making inroads in the market. We're in the process of planning some special packages. We have a number of successful plans already - our four-packs, 2-For-Tuesday drink specials, our kids' promotions. We're formulating some new plans to bring some options to the Elmira fans that might take some of sting out of driving 55 miles with rising gas prices."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"Fourteen feet in high school will give you a good shot at state title. It may not win it, but you'll sure have a good shot."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: School Quotes
"They'll still see the risk as toward weakness, ... compromise move."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Compromise Quotes
"The city has received numerous complaints about them. Our goal is not to issue citations and tie up the courts. Our hope is they'll comply after we give them notice."

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