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"Four of the five actors are still pointing in the same direction."
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"The governor is going to exercise clemency the same way every other governor exercised it -- it's a rare intervention typically granted only in those cases where there are grave doubts about the guilt of the individual."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"At least the House has indicated an unwillingness to adopt policy through the budget. It's the governor's belief that the executive order he signed minutes after taking his oath will continue to be the policy of this administration."
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"I believed in myself, that I could win. I knew it could happen. So, from that point on, I believe in myself, I believe in my game, I believe in my skills and I know that I can do it."
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"He is focused right now on transportation, but he has pretty clearly expressed some concerns about the unintended consequences that could result from this proposal."
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"That was a deception of the voters, ... Voters were promised widening of 99 and improved interchanges on 99, 41 and 180. And what they got, primarily, was 168."
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"It appears the governor has the legal authority to impose a cap only when the legislature isn't in session, so we cannot impose a cap unilaterally at this time."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"World-class research benefits everyone, but it also has an immediate benefit on the community it is conducted in."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"That understanding seems to vary among localities."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Understanding Quotes
"That's scandalously reckless language for the speaker to be using."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"The governor thought it was important to show support for the Virginia troops there, especially state guard personnel."
Author: Hall Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"It reached a point where you have to decide whether it's worth tilting at windmills. I know Del. Marshall feels like we didn't fight hard enough for it. But we could count votes."
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