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"being treated for minor injuries only and are expected to return to duty shortly."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"The reason Canada has dropped is because Canada is way ahead in doing this."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"She could prick the pomposity of the powerful with the same ease with which she could communicate with the mass of ordinary folk."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Communication Quotes
"I am delighted that Her Majesty has seen fit to mark the outstanding gallantry, professionalism and commitment of so many service personnel operating in difficult and challenging environments. I am immensely proud of their achievements and congratulate them all."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"We're in the south to help and protect the Afghan people to reconstruct their economy and democracy. We would be perfectly happy to leave in three year's time without firing one shot."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"highly significant statement from someone of his authority and stature within republicanism."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"We're not sure all that legal procedure has worked all that well at the tribunal."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Legal Quotes
"until the job is done."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"We believe that there are elements of Iranian society - I put it no higher than that - who may well be associated with the attacks on British troops,"
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"I can confirm that the two British service personnel detained earlier today by the Iraqi Police Service have now been released and are back with British forces in Multi-National Division (South East),"
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"replace it with a new military-style unit capable of maintaining law and order."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"We've got to weigh up the risks. From our own perspective, we'd done our own points system (on the incident) and it fell within that range. The match review panel got it around the mark."
Author: Reid Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes

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