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Ann Cooper Quotes

9 Ann Cooper quotes:

"While we're glad that our colleague has been freed, the coercive circumstances of his release are alarming. Saudi officials must allow him to continue his work without further persecution."
"We call on the Chinese government and Yahoo to provide a full explanation of the circumstances that led the company to provide account holder information,"
"We call on the Chinese Government and Yahoo to provide a full explanation of the circumstances that led the company to provide account holder information."
"These extremely repressive amendments to the press law are a major blow to journalists in Nepal, who have worked tirelessly to preserve their livelihood, from a king who appears determined to destroy the independent press."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"This is simply unacceptable, ... Through these detentions the U.S. military gives every impression that it is not accountable. That's a bad example to give the citizens of an emerging democracy."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes Citizens Quotes
"Expelling (him), especially in light of other recent attacks on independent journalists in Uganda, puts into question Uganda's commitment to press freedom."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"Here was a reporter seeking to cover the crisis in Ethiopia thoroughly and fairly?and the government's response was to thwart his efforts so that the alarming events in Ethiopia can stay hidden from the rest of world. This is all the more worrying in the context of the current crackdown on local journalists, at least 17 of whom are in jail for their work."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Gambian authorities should release our colleagues immediately and unconditionally and allow The Independent to resume publishing without fear of reprisal."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"The court must ensure a fair and open process, and authorities need to substantiate their case. So far, the handling of this case has been alarming. It's unacceptable that Hussein was held without charge or due process for so long."
Author: Cooper Quotes Category: Authority Quotes

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