Lester Brown Quotes

6 Lester Brown quotes:

"The challenge is to build a new economy and to do it at wartime speed before we miss so many of the nature's deadlines that the economic system begins to unravel,"
"They?re losing 900 square miles of either grazing land or crop land per year."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"Rural communities welcome wind farms because they provide income to farmers and ranchers, skilled jobs, cheap electricity, and additional tax revenue to upgrade schools and maintain roads."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Electricity Quotes
"Our global civilization today is on an economic path that is environmentally unsustainable, a path that is leading us toward economic decline and eventual collapse."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Civilization Quotes
"We're putting the supermarket in competition with the corner filling station for the output of the farm."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"Environmental scientists have been saying for some time that the global economy is being slowly undermined by environmental trends of human origin, including shrinking forests, expanding deserts, falling water tables, eroding soils, collapsing fisheries, rising temperatures, melting ice, rising seas and increasingly destructive storms."

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