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6 Joseph Cheng quotes:

"An improvement in his image in the eyes of the Chinese people will strengthen his hand and show that he is in control, that he is no longer restrained by Jiang Zemin."
Author: Cheng Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"The party has no intention of allowing a free press, but now they have to contend with growing professionalism among journalists, profit seeking by media and the effects of exposure to media outside China."
Author: Cheng Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"A lot of the older peasants, how can they find other employment? They have lost their land, they have no money, they have no social security, they cannot find jobs. There are bound to be serious, serious social problems."
Author: Cheng Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"One has to be aware that you have structural factors in Japan such as the LDP trying to exploit nationalist feelings, the Japanese yearning to be treated as a normal state and Japan in general would like to secure a higher status in the international community."
Author: Cheng Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"(Beijing) hopes to establish legal basis for (its) Taiwan policy ... and Chinese leaders want to establish a base line."
"There is no one else who can do it and there is also the face issue -- if China switches leaders after just two years it will be an admission that their first choice was wrong."

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