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Dan Wheldon Quotes

10 Dan Wheldon quotes:

"That statistic of most race wins in a season is something pretty special to me. I love the Indianapolis 500, and that's always going to be my favorite race in the world, and it's going to be one of the fondest memories of my life, but that statistic somewhat means as much to a championship for me."
Author: Wheldon Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"That's what really got me passionate about American motor sports. Ever since that point, I've kind of aspired to being out here."
Author: Wheldon Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"but I have mixed emotions. I'm happy to be second but I'm also sad to be second."
Author: Wheldon Quotes Category: Emotions Quotes
"To tell you the truth, it looked very, very bad."
Author: Wheldon Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"It is their (the management company's) job to be looking into all of the options for my future and making sure they are right. They certainly did have contact with different teams in different series. That's just part of business, though, ... I'm working on a deal with Andretti Green right now. I'm working on getting something that is fair for both sides. At the same time, if somebody approaches you, you can't just tell them no. You're going to listen to what they say. For me, the most important thing is to be happy and win races."
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"Tony and I did it to the Penskes earlier in the weekend in practice. If you've got two cars running in line very close to each other, you can pick up speed like that. It felt strange running up there by myself, because I'm used to having Tony or one of my other teammates around. But I had a strong enough engine to hold them off."
Author: Wheldon Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"The biggest thing for me is the self-satisfaction of winning the race. I don't care about who gets the most attention. I've achieved something that's very special to me."
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"I look forward to the rest of the season, but until it's mathematically impossible for anybody to catch me I'm going to keep trying to do the same."
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"Well, it was a win obviously under very difficult circumstances. I think certainly my thoughts and prayers and everybody here, their thoughts are with the Dana family and everybody at Rahal Letterman Racing. It's very difficult to race under circumstances like this. I think everybody in the community and the fans that came out to Homestead-Miami Speedway today should be commended for the effect that they have on the drivers to pull through under very difficult circumstances."
"They will never give me equal treatment because I'm the baby of the team, ... My rental car has probably lost its tires by now."
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