Bryant McKinnie Quotes

5 Bryant McKinnie quotes:

"The guys I played against in practice (in college), were so much faster than the ones I played in the games, ... I developed bad habits."
Author: McKinnie Quotes Category: College Quotes
"He's won a Super Bowl. I have confidence in Brad, but I'm not going to say for the next three years."
"I'm feeling confident, feeling a lot stronger, ... My awareness is getting better and I have a feel for (the game)."
Author: McKinnie Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes
"That shows he's running hard, and he really wants to win. He doesn't want to just let one ankle tackle take him down. He wants to break tackles, get as many yards as he can get, and we need someone like that in there."
Author: McKinnie Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"That is probably something I needed to work on, ... We had two different centers in and out and they have different styles with the silent count. That was hard for me to get adjusted to."
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