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Jeff Kagan Quotes

33 Jeff Kagan quotes:

"The phone business is a small part of what phones do now. Telecom is moving away from the telephone to consumer electronics."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"This problem has been festering for way too long. It has upset customers and hurt Blackberry, but at least it is over. Worried Blackberry customers can relax; their service won't be cut off?everyone can breath a sigh of relief."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"The US carriers have all shied away form anything that would cause trouble or hurt their image,"
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"Competitors who have been salivating over the potential opportunity of gaining new customers if BlackBerry went down have to be disappointed, but this is a better ending for customers, companies and everyone."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"[VOIP] is a disruptive technology, ... But is it threatening the Bells? No. It's challenging the old models, not threatening the companies."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"The technology is getting better, but we haven't seen a truly meaningful product yet."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"We should see a significant recovery in cable television stock prices in the next few months."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"This means there is plenty of room in the marketplace for the phone companies to offer television."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"They are gearing up to fight new competitors, the cable-television industry, for the complete bundle of services, including telephone, television, wireless and Internet."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"The television industry is reinventing itself, the same way the telephone industry is reinventing itself and they are all blending,"
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"Cable companies wanted to get into the wireless space but the other major network providers are already affiliated with wired telecommunications services providers, while Sprint is independent."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"There are too many VOIP users who have cut their traditional phone service or turning off VOIP service to be a valid solution."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"Atlanta Telecom Professionals is an important organization and through the years has continued to raise awareness of the importance of the telecom industry to the city of Atlanta. The addition of and continued support from high-profile executives on the Executive Advisory Board positions the organization for strong and continued growth."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes
"We started out with seven 'baby Bells' and AT and T back in 1984 with the divestiture. Prior to that there was basically one company, AT and T. Today there are many companies offering telephone, television, wireless and Internet."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Babies Quotes
"With the merger, AT&T is preparing to compete on a new level against cable companies. The battle is beginning."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"There's a new class of entrepreneur out there that's finding new ways to use high-speed service that's draining capacity."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"There will be quite a bit of choice when it comes to watching television and unlike yesterday where customers chose one company to order television from, tomorrow they may choose multiple providers based on the offers. New technologies, and new ways of delivering television shows, like over the net opens up whole new ways to compete and offer services. We are way too early to predict a winner as the industry expands and changes. This is the fun part of watching all the ideas bubble up and find their way, or not."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"This is the direction the industry is heading, ... This allows BellSouth to remain firmly in the game."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"Of all the names in telecom, only one has the history of AT&T. AT&T was the name of the phone company since we were kids, and in fact since our parents and our grandparents were kids. It would have been sad and a waste of all that historic brand value."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: History Quotes
"It makes sense for companies to merge. They have higher income and lower expenses as the competitive threat grows."
Author: Kagan Quotes Category: Income Quotes

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