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"It doesn't take much to read between the lines that fear of fallout from a horrific attack is a part of his calculation, ... Understandably, many of us near D.C. find such talk chilling, but he probably has access to intelligence that suggests this should be a real concern."
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"It's clearly a damage-control effort."
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"That could hurt Gilmore, ... given the fact there is a majority of women voters in this state, a little bit higher than the norm throughout the country."
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"They can go back to their constituency and claim they are working extra hard to get the people's work done. They can say, 'It's everybody else's fault, and look at how terrible the institution is.'?"
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"I remember the conference director said words to the effect that Robertson is one more nutty comment away from becoming irrelevant. Since then, Robertson has made a number of such comments--on China's one-child policy, about wishing for a nuke to take out the State Department building in D.C., among others. It's as though he can't help himself. Oftentimes his comments anger his own supporters the most."
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