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Bruce Hillis Quotes

4 Bruce Hillis quotes:

"There are only two states in the nation that allow for a government to take private property and turn it over to a private company. That is not 'Public Use.' The procedure has been abused for a long while; and many other states have attempted to do the same things - but, Missouri actually allows it. Missouri is one of the worst places for it."
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"Our founding fathers referred to eminent domain as 'despotic power;' and that was when property was being seized for the government's use. There need to be some serious changes."
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"I am mainly in favor of the issue because of the need to protect individual liberty. But, the research I have done and the statistics I have compiled show that states that have the Right to Work have better economies and are ahead of states that allow forced unionization."
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"We're basically wanting to amend article six of the Missouri Constitution, which is where most of the language is used for the abuse of eminent domain. We also would like to clear up the language in two sections of the first article of the Missouri Bill of Rights to get a more clear definition of certain terms."

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