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81 John Dryden quotes:

"When I consider life, 'tis all a cheat. Yet, fooled by hope, men favour the deceit; trust on, and think to-morrow will repay: to-morrow's falser than the former day."
Author: Dryden Quotes Category: Cheating Quotes
"For all have not the gift of martyrdom."
Author: Dryden Quotes Category: Conformity Quotes
"Ill habits gather unseen degrees, as brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas."
"You see through love, and that deludes your sight, As what is straight seems crooked through the water."
"It is madness to make fortune the mistress of events, because by herself she is nothing and is ruled by prudence."
"Every age has a kind of universal genius, which includes those that live in it to some particular studies"
Author: Dryden Quotes Category: Genius Quotes
"He who trusts secrets to a servant makes him his master."
Author: Dryden Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"Not to ask is not be denied."
Author: Dryden Quotes Category: Silence Quotes
"None but the brave deserves the fair."
Author: Dryden Quotes Category: Courage Quotes
"Pains of love be sweeter far than all other pleasures are"
Author: Dryden Quotes Category: Cute Quotes
"When I consider life, it is all a cheat. Yet fooled with hope, people favor this deceit."
"But love's a malady without a cure."
"All objects lose by too familiar a view."
"The first is the law, the last prerogative."
"Reason is a crutch for age, but youth is strong enough to walk alone."
"They that possess the prince possess the laws."
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"Seek not to know what must not be reveal, for joy only flows where fate is most concealed. A busy person would find their sorrows much more; if future fortunes were known before!"
"There is a pleasure in being mad which none but madmen know."
"What passions cannot music raise or quell?"
"We first make our habits, and then our habits make us."

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