Robert Russell Quotes

5 Robert Russell quotes:

"The notion is we're refusing to see Blue Cross Blue Shield patients, ... That couldn't be further from the truth."
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"The level of reimbursement made it impractical to continue. For the long-term financial viability of the practice, we had to walk away from it (the Blue Cross PPO)."
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"I just want to give them something to be happy about. What's happened is still on my mind everyday. I walk to class, it's on my mind. I'm on the field, it's on my mind. I'm by myself, it's on my mind. But it's just a matter of me putting things in perspective. Putting everything in order."
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"I have gained a lot of friends from being here. I get especially emotional when marching in parades and holding the American flag."
"I think competition and (more surgery room) capacity are a good thing. They keep prices down and quality up."

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