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6 Robert Dallek quotes:

"When I read about the hospitalizations, my eyes widened,"
Author: Dallek Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"It's a dramatic turnabout. Events have overtaken him."
Author: Dallek Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"as he put it. Still, he added: ''Bush did make a comeback then. But the country was more receptive to his kind of leadership. I can't see how they're going to turn this around."
Author: Dallek Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"A crisis is an opportunity for a president to step forward and exert effective leadership, and establish his credentials as a significant occupant of the Oval Office."
Author: Dallek Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"He was able to put them on the trail of the truth to find out just exactly what was going on in this scandal."
Author: Dallek Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"These crises are such a heavy burden, and they are so self-inflicted, except for the court vacancies, that if he is not very careful and tries to put across someone who is seen as an ultraconservative, he is going to touch off a conflagration in the Senate."
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