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Mary Robinson Quotes

10 Mary Robinson quotes:

"The most important thing is to bring perpetrators to justice. That can either be done by courts in Indonesia or in East Timor. Or if it is necessary it can be done by an international tribunal,"
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"Whenever force is used, the principle of proportionality has to be applied, and all necessary measures have to be taken to avoid loss of life or injury to civilians or damage to civilian property."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Students won't have to worry about standing in line for computers. It will be very convenient for them to get things accomplished."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"The aim of human rights, if I may borrow a term from engineering, is to move beyond the design and drawing-board phase, to move beyond thinking and talking about the foundations stones - to laying those foundation stones, inch by inch, together."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"Pavement slippery, people sneezing,Lords in ermine, beggars freezing;Titled gluttons dainties carving,Genius in a garret starving."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Genius Quotes Begging Quotes
"I was elected by the women of Ireland, who instead of rocking the cradle, rocked the system."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"She is walking the talk. We need more leaders like her."
"must not abandon its core standards and values, even in the face of the serious security threat to its own civilian population."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"A culture is not an abstract thing. It is a living, evolving process. The aim is to push beyond standard-setting and asserting human rights to make those standards a living reality for people everywhere."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"Our motivation is our love for all babies."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Babies Quotes

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