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Andrew Natsios Quotes

7 Andrew Natsios quotes:

"Development does not take place in Washington, DC. Development takes place in the rest of the world."
Author: Natsios Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"If the World Food Program leaves, we're leaving,"
Author: Natsios Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"There are going to be immediate food needs in the region and the best way to move food very quickly is to give cash to WFP to buy within the countries in the region,"
Author: Natsios Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"If you put too much aid too quickly into weak institutions, where there isn't capacity, you have corruption, and the programs don't work."
Author: Natsios Quotes Category: Corruption Quotes
"There have been problems. ... I think most of them have been dealt with at this point,"
Author: Natsios Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"They are going to shut down the World Food Program efforts at the end of this year, which we think is a mistake."
Author: Natsios Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"It takes four months to ship food aid and 40 percent of the cost is in the shipping. People cannot eat shipping costs, We have had people die when there are surpluses in the markets."
Author: Natsios Quotes Category: Food Quotes

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