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"We want to work with other parts of the U.S. government, being able to (use) members of their organizations. We want to work formally ... with them and do everything we can to make them successful."
Author: Henry Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"It's not about numbers. Being able to generate operational effects on the battle space - that's what it's about."
Author: Henry Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"We think China is a growing regional power and we want to partner with them to manage their gradual rise."
Author: Henry Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"We realize that almost in all circumstances others will be able to do the job less expensively than we can because we tend to have a very cost-intensive force. But many times they'll be able to do it more effectively too because they'll understand the local language, the local customs. They'll be culturally adept and be able to get things accomplished that we can't do. So building a partnership capability is a critical lesson learned."
Author: Henry Quotes Category: Circumstance Quotes
"We don't know how we're going to use the force. So we have to have a capability set that will withstand all reasonable futures."
Author: Henry Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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